Harsha Wickramasinghe

Mr. Wickramasinghe is an alumni of Oxford University UK and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Economics. He has been the Counselor to the Sri Lanka Mission of the European Economic Community (Brussels & Belgium), a Consultant on Maritime Transport Economics at UNESCAP Bangkok, CEO/General Manager of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation (which was established as a commercially profitable Shipping Line under his leadership) and an Independent Trade and Shipping Consultant in Colombo and Adelaide, Australia.

For two years, he served as a non-executive Director of the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation during its privatization. He was also a former Secretary to the Ministries of Commerce & Consumer Affairs (2001 – 2004), Trade & Shipping and Trade & Commerce (1989 – 1990) and Chief Accounting Officer of several institutions within the purview of these Ministries, including the Export Development Board and Department of Commerce.