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A motor insurance policy has many benefits. Obtaining an insurance cover for your vehicle is a legal requirement in most countries, including Sri Lanka. Continental Insurance provides a wide range of covers for your motor insurance, be it, for a personal or business vehicle.

What is Motor Insurance?

Any vehicle owner with an insurance policy will be financially protected in the event of an accident, whether damage caused to the insured vehicle, injury to oneself or another individual. The policy holder will cover any expenses that might incur from unforeseen events, like accidents, natural disasters, theft, riots, etc. Motor insurance acts as a safe cushion for your wallet!

What Does the Policy Cover?

Insurance providers like Continental Insurance offers a basic and comprehensive cover that’s suits your budget and requirement. With a motor insurance policy, damages and losses incurred as a result of a natural disaster like an earthquake, flood, fire, etc. will be covered. Additionally, damages caused from theft, riots, strike will also be part of your motor insurance cover. Third party liabilities from damages caused by the insured vehicle will also be included in your policy. For more information on what’s included in our motor insurance policy, please contact us.

Why Should You Get Motor Insurance?

There are numerous benefits of getting your car, bike or other vehicle insured. A comprehensive cover protects the policyholder, the insured vehicle, and any third-party person or property that is affected as a result of the accident. Car insurance policies also provides financial aid in the event you are faced with a law suit following an accident. Read our blog to find out more reasons why you NEED to get a motor insurance.

Is it Compulsory to Get Insurance?

Like most countries, in Sri Lanka, it is a legal requirement to insure your vehicle, whether corporate or personal. Insuring your car, bike, van, or any other vehicle will provide you with a financial safety net in the event of damages or losses caused by any of the aforementioned unforeseen events.

Types of Motor Insurance

Continental Insurance offers you two covers based on your requirements. Our personal motor insurance cover is most suitable for your private vehicles. You can opt for a Comprehensive Cover, Third-Party Fire and Theft Cover or just a Third-Party Cover; based on your budget and requirements. For those interested in insuring their fleet of corporate vehicles or just one, our commercial vehicle insurance policy is the way to go. You will not only be protected against the loss or damage to your vehicle, but against third party liability too.

The comprehensive Motor Insurance Cover will ensure you and your assets are financially protected against third party claims, fire and theft, damages caused to your own vehicle. It’s provides the widest level of coverage.

Most policyholders have found it is more cost effective and worthwhile to pay more and be protected under the Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy, which provides indemnity to the insured against loss of or damage to the motor vehicle and third-party liability. Whilst the Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy is the widest form of cover available, it does not provide cover for every conceivable type of risk, i.e. it does not provide a blanket cover no matter what the nature, extent and cause of the loss. More importantly, this policy covers any type of accidental damages to the insured's own vehicle in addition to fire and theft including theft of parts in or on the vehicle. The Comprehensive cover enables the vehicle owner to have his vehicle repaired, reinstated, or replaced in case of accidental damage or loss.

The Third-party Cover protects damages and losses caused to a third-party, an individual or property, as from the insured vehicle.

Besides providing insurance cover against death or bodily injury to third parties, it also provides protection against other legal liabilities such as damages to property of a third party or third parties (usually another’s car, motorcycle or a boundary wall, gate, public property etc). In addition to unlimited third-party bodily injury or death cover.

The Third-party Fire and Theft Cover insures your vehicle against fires and thefts that might cause damage to the insured vehicle.

Under the Third Party Fire and Theft insurance cover, a policyholder may opt to include some form of protection of his/her asset due to fire or theft in addition to the basic third party liability for bodily injury/death and/or property damage. However, the policy does not cover any other form of accidental loss of or damage to the vehicle.

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