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Buying a car is one of the biggest achievements in your life. New car owners would often feel protective over their vehicle and should take the necessary steps in order to protect their vehicle in case of any unforeseen events. Choosing the right insurance cover is a crucial first step in securing your motor vehicle and yourself too. There are many benefits of motor insurance, however, here are 4 important reasons why you to get your vehicle insured with Continental Insurance’s Motor Insurance plan.

What Is A Motor Insurance Policy?

A motor insurance policy covers the owner from any financial losses incurred as a result of an unforeseen circumstance, like an accident, natural disaster, theft, etc. Any damages to the insured vehicle, the policy holder or third-party will be covered by the insurer. Read more on our guide to Motor Insurance here.

How Can A Motor Insurance Policy Help You?

1. Protect Yourself and Others

An unforeseen event like a car accident can happen anywhere, at anytime and to anyone – regardless of who’s in the vehicle. One of the most important reasons to get motor insurance is to protect yourself and others. For instance, if you do get in an accident and you don’t have a reliable insurance to cover your costs, you’ll incur a heavy expense to cover any injuries caused to yourself or another individual. Our motor insurance policy ensures to cover medical expenses incurred as a result of any injury caused by an accident. Your medical bills from surgery to hospital visits will be paid for by the insurance company; inevitably saving you time and money.

2. Protect your Vehicle

A motor insurance policy primarily acts to protect your car, bike, or other personal vehicle. With a comprehensive motor insurance policy, rest assured that any damages caused to your vehicle during an accident will be covered by your insurance provider. i.e. whether you need to send it for repairs after an accident, or your car has been stolen, or has suffered any damage as a result of a natural calamity like fire, riots, explosions, strikes etc., we will ensure you don’t have to bear the expenses to repair and restore your vehicle.

3. Covers Third Party Damages

Still wondering why it’s important to get motor insurance? This policy will ensure that if you are involved in an accident that involves a third party, whether a pedestrian, another vehicle or someone’s property, your expenses to repair, pay for hospital bills, etc. will be covered by the provider. Without a comprehensive insurance cover, you will have to pay damages to any third party; from hospital bills, property or vehicle repairs. Our motor insurance cover protects your finances and reduces your liability.

4. Covers Legal Costs

More often than not, victims of accidents will attempt to sue you for damages or injuries. In the event you are facing a lawsuit, our motor insurance policy will protect your wallet from incurring these expenses. Legal fees can really burn a hole through your wallet and savings, so we ensure that any significant expenses that should arise from a case filed against you for a road accident, will be taken care of.
In most countries, like Sri Lanka, motor insurance is a legal requirement. Whether you opt for a basic or a comprehensive cover, it is illegal to operate a vehicle, personal or business-related without a motor insurance. For more information on our policy, visit Continental Insurance or contact us today