Waste and Energy Management Policy

Continental Insurance(CILL) has commenced emphatically working on a better waste and energy management practices in its journey with a view to become a carbon neutral company. As a way forward, the company places the preservation of nature as a top priority taking the initiative to give back to the environment to sustain our planet’s greenery and fertility. Continental Insurance has tied up with Neptune Recyclers since 2011 for the recycling of all waste papers.

Over the years this has resulted in the Company experiencing an approximate annual saving of 10 fully grown trees and total of 19,00 litres of water, a decrease in electricity usage by 2,400 kwh and a saving of 1,000 litres of oil resulting in lesser usage of fossil fuels, in addition to conservation of landfill and reduction of Green House Gas Emissions. This is a ongoing project which the Company steadfastly commits to on an annual basis.