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Types of Speciality Line Insurances Offered in Sri Lanka: Part I

Speciality line insurance policies are often required when a business is involved in ‘high-risk’ operations and are in need of unusual coverage. Many insurance companies offer speciality plans for businesses within various industries. At Continental Insurance, you can speak to one of our representatives and choose from a wide range of insurance policies to suit your requirement.

Here are some of the speciality line insurance policies you should know about:

Event Cancellation Insurance

An event cancellation insurance protects and reimburses your irrecoverable costs, from unforeseeable abandonment, postponement, interruption, or a cancellation of your event. The policy includes specific circumstances in regard to your account. No matter how well you plan your event, you could always face a hurdle beyond your control. At Continental Insurance, we offer the best insurance coverage for all your event cancellations.

Bankers Indemnity Insurance

A Banker’s Indemnity Insurance Policy is designed to cover risks for the banking industry, from minor to major Incidents like Burglary, Dishonesty of Employees, Forged Cheques, Computer Crime, Riot and Strikes, etc.., accidents like fire, riots and strikes, burglary and housebreaking. It assists the banking sector to recover the loss of money, securities (on-premises or whether it is in transit). At Continental Insurance, our clients can decide on an extensive policy plan to suit their requirements and budget.

Clinical Trials Insurance

A Clinical Trial insurance policy, provides protection for the Research doctors (or sponsors) of clinical trials for drug testing. Patients, who take part in drug testing for pharmaceutical products, can often experience sudden health-risks. Therefore, the policy provides clinics advice on how to proceed with their legal obligation. A payment of compensation is made by the clinic to the patient in the event of an injury. We offer the best insurance coverage for businesses of this nature at Continental Insurance.

Specific Liability Insurance (Umbrella Liability covers)

The umbrella insurance policy offers a standard coverage for your Business, Company home, vehicle, and other general needs. From injuries, 3rd Party property damage, lawsuits, and personal liability situations. Further, this protects others who might hurt themselves inside your business premises or home. At Continental Insurance, we provide the best specific liability insurance plan for your exact requirement.

Tour Operators Liability

The Tour operator's liability is designed to protect travel agents, tour Operators if they fail to satisfy thier client’s with regard to due care and diligence of what a client was expecting. An extensive tour operator's policy is combined with a professional indemnity and public liability, from which the claims of error and financial losses can be recovered. With Get the best policy coverage for your budget and requirements from Continental Insurance.

Talk to our insurance experts to find the best policy to cover your requirements. Reach out to us through our 24-hour hotline on 0115 200 200 or visit any of our branches for more information.