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Types of Insurances Everyone Should Have

An insurance policy is an ideal financial scheme that can help you secure your personal assets against unexpected circumstances. From minor to major risks, whether it is a life-threatening sickness, natural disaster or car accident, you can be assured that an insurance policy coverage will provide sufficient funds for an unexpected turn of events. Here are a number of insurance policies that everyone should invest in.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy protects people who are financially dependent on you, which includes your spouse, parents, and children. The primary purpose of a life insurance is to provide substantial financial aid to the dependants upon the premature death of an insured individual. At Continental Insurance, we offer a range of personal insurance policies that will protect you and your loved ones from life’s unpredictable events.

Vehicle Insurance

According to the requirement of the motor traffic act, any vehicle owner must ensure that his or her vehicle be insured, as this will protect the car from any third-party liabilities. A comprehensive vehicle insurance provides financial compensation to cover any injuries incurred during an accident. With Continental Insurance, you can get an extensive policy coverage of motor insurance in Sri Lanka.

Home Insurance

You can secure your home with a comprehensive insurance policy which covers fire accidents, electrical damage, theft, and natural disasters. While replacing your home is an expensive proposition, having the right home insurance plan can make the process less difficult. Continental Insurance now offers the best home insurance quotes that suit your budget and requirement.

Travel Insurance

A travel insurance policy offers protection from possible risks and financial loss. Circumstances might vary from minor inconveniences like missed flight connections and delayed baggage to more severe issues like major accidents or illnesses. Travel insurance, however, can provide coverage for a wide range of losses and damages, depending on the level of coverage you select. By purchasing a decent travel insurance policy in Sri Lanka, you can go aboard without constant worry for your safety.

Health Insurance

Nowadays, health insurance is important due to the rising costs of medical treatment. Even a regular appointment with the doctor is expensive. Needless to say, the bill for more severe injuries that need a hospital stay may exceed the cost of a week at a five-star resort, while surgery-related injuries can even more. However, with the best health insurance quotes from Continental Insurance, you can now afford plans for the entire family for a group medical.

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