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Small Business Insurance in Sri Lanka

If you are a small business owner or someone planning to start a business, one of the key things you must do is ensure that you have small business insurance. At Continental Insurance, we have an ideal range of comprehensive corporate business insurance policies in Sri Lanka that will safeguard your assets, workforce, and business against unforeseen events.

With small business insurance plans, you will be protected from incurring financial losses. We provide extensive business policies which include Construction and Engineering insurance, Liability insurance, Motor insurance, Marine insurance, Employee related covers, Property, and Speciality lines.

Here are the different types of insurance you can use for your business:

Employee Related Insurance

At Continental Insurance, you can sign up with an employee insurance policy that provides disability benefits for workers. Our policy can be customized to suit individual and business needs based on your industry. We offer health-care covers, corporate personal accident, and compensation covers. Listed below are a few of the types of covers you can claim.

Fire Insurance

This policy will offer coverage for damage to the building and its content, personal property, and relevant Business Interruption expenses that you might have to incur. Continental Insurance ensures how our Property insurance policies for small businesses are essential to your company.

Engineering Insurance

An insurance policy designed to offer your small business complete protection against all types of risks associated with construction related testing, and related commissioning of machinery.

Liability Insurance

A lawsuit or liability claim can strike a company at any moment. Therefore, it is best, to secure your company with a Liability Cover from Continental Insurance. These policies are designed to offer support and backing to entrepreneurs and large-scale businesses.

Marine Insurance

Our marine insurance policy offers you protection from a range of risks associated with shipping and cargo handling, as well as damages incurred from the supplier's warehouse to the buyer's warehouse. Here is a list of some of the policies that Continental Insurance offers:

Speciality Lines

Speciality Lines insurance can be purchased for specific areas of business or items that are special or unique. Here are some of the covers that they offer:

Talk to our insurance experts to get the best small business insurance policy quotes to cover your requirements. Reach out to us via our 24-hour hotline on 0115 200 200 or visit any of our branches for more information.