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CONTINENTAL INSURANCE LANKA LIMITED, being a leading insurance provider in Sri Lanka has strived from its inception to serve communities in need, through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. This has always been with a view to create a positive social reformation through our community welfare programs. The roots of company policies coupled with a strong backing from our parent Company and built upon the notion that each and every individual deserves to live free of insecurities and fear. We are committed to live up to that promise through our CSR projects and are constantly seeking ways, not only to provide the best for our customers through our innovative insurance solutions, but also to seek ways to mediate, reach out and help communities in need.

Road Safety

With this focus in mind, Continental Insurance, over the last ten years has attended to many CSR projects. As the fastest growing Insurance Company, Continental Insurance launched an innovative CSR initiative to help in the reduction of road accidents in Sri Lanka. This was titled “Continental Insurance Good Driver Plan”. This one of a kind project focused on encouraging safe driving practices with a reward to motorists throughout the country. With our fast growing population and the increasing number of motor vehicles on Sri Lankan roads, attention to this matter has continuously been an urgent necessity.

The Differently Abled

Continental Insurance spearheaded an operation with a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in order to support visually impaired students at the Deaf and Blind School in Ratmalana. Continental Insurance donated books in large print to the School in both English and Sinhala to be used by children with low vision. Among this donation were books to be translated to Braille for children born visually handicapped or those who had almost completely lost their sight. The Staff of Continental Insurance mingled and interacted with the children at their meal time, spent one to one time with them and assisted them by serving food and enjoying moments of their little antics in their own way.

Charity Foundations

Yet another initiative to assist underprivileged communities, Continental Insurance proudly partnered with Cyril Dharmawardana Foundation (CDF) since 2015 in assisting terminally ill patients with their transportation requirements between hospital and home during their treatment. This is provided free of charge regardless of the distance the patient need to travel.

Blood Donations

Each year, Continental Insurance has conducted Blood Donation Campaigns on every anniversary. This blood donation campaign has helped to save many lives and contribute to the Blood Bank of Sri Lanka. It reduces precious time wasted in trying to obtain a particular blood group in times of unforeseen emergencies such as accidents.


Continental Insurance has also taken the initiative to uplift the lives of 300 children at WP/JAYA/SRI SEELANKARA VIDYALAYA, Kaduwela, whose families were severely affected by floods. Books, Shoes, School Bags etc., were donated to the School. Periodically Continental Insurance has made various contributions of books and other related items to various schools around the island. Further scholarship facilities were offered to under privileged children in a private school managed by the Peter Pillai Foundation, to support their AL examination. We believe every young person has a right to education regardless of their financial position. The brightest mind can stem from the most underprivileged home.

Places of Worship

Support has also been offered to various Places of Worship and in particular we have given assistance and support to the Gangaramaya Temple.A CCTV system was installed at the Ancient Temple the Balapokuna Vihara as a measure of protection for the Priests and the devotees during Easter attacks in Sri Lanka and in general to keep the places of worship safe.

Health and Well-being

In this journey of assisting the Community, Continental Insurance conducted a Free Health Camp at Welianda, Polonnaruwa where free medication was given to over 2500 people of the area. In addition, spectacles were given to people who are unable to obtain on their own.

Caring for the Environment

Continental Insurance(CILL) has commenced emphatically working on a better waste and energy management practices in its journey with a view to become a carbon neutral company. As a way forward, the company places the preservation of nature as a top priority taking the initiative to give back to the environment in order to sustain our planet’s greenery and fertility. Continental Insurance has tied up with Neptune Recyclers since 2011 for the recycling of all waste papers. Over the years this has resulted in the Company experiencing an approximate annual saving of 10 fully grown trees and total of 19,00 litres of water. There has also been a decrease in electricity usage by 2,400kwh and a saving of 1,000 litres of oil resulting in lesser usage of fossil fuels, in addition to conservation of landfill and reduction of Green House Gas Emissions. This is an ongoing project which the Company steadfastly commits to on an annual basis.

Natural Disaster

Continental Insurance joined hands with our parent company Melstacorp in their initiative to distribute dry rations to residents of the areas adversely affected by the drought, Madirigiriyaregion which included Menikhorowa GS Division and Tissapurain the North Central Province. In such situations, we are well aware of the need for able bodied people and our staff are ever willing to lend a helping hand.

Cancer Society

Reaching out in the present situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Continental Insurance Lanka Limited offered assistance once again to the immune compromised Cancer Patients, this time by providing Temperature Measuring Units to the Cancer Society of Sri Lanka.

Continental Insurance is determined to uphold these meritorious deeds as we continue on our journey of progressing successfully in our business. It is needless to mention that our staff is ever willing to support the Company in order to achieve these objectives with our eyes focused and hands outstretched towards Humanity and making our world a better place. Together we are one.