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Multiple Trip Travel Insurance in Sri Lanka: What Is It and Where to Get One?

If you are a frequent flier and take several trips abroad, a multiple-trip insurance plan might just come in handy to protect against unforeseeable events. Unlike a comprehensive single-trip coverage, there can be instances where investing in a multiple travel insurance just makes sense.

Multiple Travel Insurance

Frequent travellers may want to consider looking into travel insurance that is dedicated to cover multiple trips on a single policy. More often than not, there is a financial benefit to buying a multi-trip insurance plan, and the cost savings can be significant for those who take countless trips within the course of a year.

You can purchase a multi-trip travel medical plan, which provides benefits for emergency medical care and evacuation to an appropriate treatment facility. Multi-trip plans are available for purchase on an annual basis only and cover a wide range of options. While a single trip

A basic multiple-trip travel plan provides these important benefits:

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