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Travel Insurance in Sri Lanka: Do You Need One and Why?

Whether you are planning a family vacation or just a quick business trip, you might want to consider investing in travel insurance. Securing a travel insurance comes with many benefits, as it provides you with affordable solutions to assist with unforeseeable events. Continental Insurance provides you with a wide range of comprehensive travel policies to ensure your safe travels

What is Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance coverage is designed to protect you against any risks or financial loss that could incur while travelling. It can become quite a hassle if you are not insured, and that is why, it is prudent for any type of traveller, whether business or backpacker, to secure travel insurance. You will be protected in an event of lost documents, accidents, and flight delays.

What Does the Insurance Policy Cover?

Continental Insurance offers an extensive travel policy which works perfectly to suit your budget and requirements. With an insurance policy, risks or inconveniences such as lost luggage, last minute cancellations, and credit card will be secured. Further risks like unforeseen medical emergencies and personal accidents will be part of the travel insurance coverage.

There are a number of good travel insurance policies which you can obtain. It would be wise, (if you are a frequent flyer) to invest in long term travel insurance that will cover between 3 and 18 months of travelling, and can safeguard you from public liabilities. At Continental Insurance, we offer a maximum period of 180-days for a single trip policy and an annual policy for multiple trips. It's ideal for business trips, long vacations, constant holidays with friends and family, and any other type of frequent travel.

Why Should You Get Travel Insurance?

As travelling without an insurance plan can be risky business, it is considered as one of the most important investments for a frequent traveller. Travel insurance provides compensation for trip costs and expenses caused by unexpected events. An insurance policy can provide the following security based on your budget:


A travel insurance policy can protect you from medical expenses while abroad that are not entirely covered by your normal health insurance policy. Most health insurance plans don't provide full coverage in foreign countries, while some health plans provide no coverage at all. Travel insurance work can help supplement medical costs if you get sick or injured before or during your vacation.

Lost luggage

Travel insurance can cover minor expenses such as lost or stolen luggage. This is especially useful if an airline loses your checked in baggage, as it can be difficult to get them to pay for lost luggage.

Flight Delays

Travel delay policies apply when you get to the airport on time, but your flight has been delayed. A travel insurance will cover additional expenses such as transport and accommodation costs. In addition, if you miss your flight due to severe weather, natural disasters, your Continental Travel insurance policy has you covered.

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