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Being the fastest grown Insurance Company, it is with pride that we enlighten you regarding what prime focus should be on the concept of Motor Insurance – “use it or lose it”. The advantages you will benefit as you go along. Your yearly premium will depend on the value declared by you based on market price, which is always advisable. This premium is being paid by you for complete protection of your vehicle and you should not hold back on the proper valuation of your vehicle which is the vital criteria of your protection. On the other side of the card, is the safety of your driving skills, no accident, means a No Claim Bonus which will be a pretty substantial reduction on your premium for the following year on a percentage basis and steadily increase as the years go by. Your vehicle premium could also be reduced as the years go by due to depreciation. Good luck to safe driving.

Next point to be considered as vital is when the time comes around to renew your insurance. Many offers will be pouring in from various Insurers. Some policy holders go shopping for rates trying to get the lowest possible in the market. This is an acceptable concept but one should be very cautious when going for rock bottom rates, at times they may be even requested to lower the value of the vehicle. This is the time to carefully evaluate the situation. In case your vehicle is stolen or it is a total loss, you will recover only what sum you have insured for or nothing at all because you are not at the market value, at Continental Insurance our agents are at your service to steer you in the right direction with proper advice . 011 5 200200.

In conclusion, of renewing your car insurance and bringing down the premium, in doing so remember that payment of your claim will also be based on this factor. Once you get your documents into your hands, please double check the rate agreed on value.
After Sales, service standards should also be considered before you conclude who your next Insurer is going to be.

Take to the road with complete utmost confidence knowing that your vehicle is in the safe hands of your trusted insurance partner Continental Insurance, protecting you and your loved ones all the time against any unforeseen circumstances and could surprise you on the roads ahead. Service , redefined .

Added benefits given to you by obtaining your insurance with Continental Insurance at affordable rates:
• Prompt Claim settlement – personalized care until settlement
• On site claim settlements through our fast track
• No claim bonus up to 65%
• 100% free air bag cover for replacement
• Free cover for flood and natural perils
• Free cover for hire purchase / lease
• Free cover for towing charges ( conditions apply)
• On line payment for your premium via our KIOSK

Be cautious when driving another person’s vehicle. Always check on the covers and your entitlement to drive lawfully in case of an accident.

For an added benefit, Continental Insurance has its own state of the art repair centre FORMULA WORLD. This may assist you with a cashless garage facility incurring no cash of your own depending on the extent of your damage and your policy conditions. However the ultimate choice of garage is yours.


Feel free to contact our hotline for any advice your may require for further guidance.

Until then above all Drive Safe.