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Another move in the right direction by the fastest growing and innovative Insurance Company Continental Insurance, to show their care and protection to their very own Staff in a professional manner and organized manner.

Guidelines and preventive measures are highlighted and displayed at strategic points to keep staff alert for a healthy well being, where they could also educate and create awareness on how their loved ones could be protected from this deadly infectious virus.


What is COVID – 19?

COVID 19 is an infectious disease, caused severe and acute respiratory syndrome recently discovered and known corona-virus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

What are the symptoms of this virus

Reading these symptoms over and over again helps you to stay watchful before it gets to you and infects your entire well being causing hospitalization and quarantine for your entire family and neighborhood.

How is it transmitted

How to reduce the risk of infection

The above are all general health and safety guidelines to prevent the spread and also the contact of this deadly disease COVID-19. which has taken the world by storm with no end seen to it as yet. The number of fatalities seen world wide is devastating and the phenomenon of this is the low rate an of death in our own land, mainly due to the discipline we have all contributed to maintain the spread of the virus.

At Continental Insurance, special care has been taken for all employees to abide by strict mandatory rules and regulations when entering their place of work , and following are some of the requirements :

In order to make all of this work and constantly keep our employees vigilant of this unseen virus floating around, the Management has appointed a Continental Task Force. The Task Force comprise of a Member from each Department, whose duties and responsibilities are to monitor whether all prevention and precautionary measures listed above are meticulously carried out. They check on the following:

Consumed in 30minutes in order other could use the lunch room

All in all every single area is monitored and therefore we have maintain a good record of the health of Staff at Continental Insurance like the products we offer with or professional and personalized service.

Stay at home during lock down for almost three months, staff were provided with facilities to work from to avoid a serious impact to the loss of business and carry on business as smoothly as possible with limited resources. Computers, VPN and Zoom facilities were provided by our technical staff. Even though business suffered a downward trend, keeping with the philosophy of the Management, Staff enjoyed all emoluments and facilities normally provided to them, where they could carry on their normal way of life. This work from home rule help staff to stay indoors and also eradicate the element of boredom, depression and insecurity experienced during that period.

Not only the staff but Continental Insurance considered providing our customers with facilities they could use staying home but ensuring their insurance was in place with no delays. Listed below are some of the facilities Continental Insurance provided to our Customers who are a vital part of our business and cannot go unnoticed or neglected:

Obtain Motor Insurance via eCard Facility

eRenewal Notices for Policy Renewals

Website chat-bot for all policy related inquiries

View my claims facility for claim related inquiries

All other insurance requirements related to any product at our customers finger tips via

WhatsApp – 076 5 700200

24/7 call center operations for any inquiry – 011 5200 200