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Common Home Insurance Misconceptions and Misunderstandings

Home insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect homeowners from potential financial losses resulting from damages to their house(building) and household items, equipment including personal belongings. It typically covers a wide range of including damage from fire, lightning, natural disasters,burglary and other sudden, unforeseen, unexpected events as per the scope of the coverage provided under the policy. In fact this is a package policy which provides additional covers for homeowner’s liability towards third party(ies), Personal Accident cover, Workmen’s compensation cover for domestic helpers / workers and hospitalization cover too.

Many homeowners believe that their insurance policies will cover every expense that the incur on maintaining / repairing or replacing their home & it’s contents. In reality, however, as same as in all other insurance policies, homeowner’s insurance also can contain many restrictions that can leave policyholders with a coverage gap. There are many insurance companies which provide extensive plans to help reassure you with what your policy covers in the event of a mishap.

If you want to learn more about why home insurance is important and how you can benefit from it. We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 common misconceptions of a home insurance.

1. Home insurance costs too much:

While the cost of your home insurance may vary depending on factors such as location, value of your home, types of contents to be covered, and various other factors, it's important to remember that it provides you financial protection in the event of a loss. In many cases, the cost of an insurance is significantly less than the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged property after a disaster.Continental Insurance provides you a comprehensive plan which will take care of not only your home and its contents but your loved ones too.

2. Home insurance is not necessary:

Some people believe that they don't need home insurance because they don't own a lot of valuable items. However, in the event of an unfortunate event repair cost that you have to incur on the building structure might 5-6 times more than that of a 1-2 years back. Your home may be your most valuable asset and the greatest investment of you. Hence, securing it should be one of your priorities. At Continental Insurance, we provide one of the best home owners package policy to cater your requirement with the best customer service in Sri Lanka.

3. Home insurance covers on accidental damages:

Many people believe that a home insurance policy covers every kind of damage to their property including damages caused by their pets, damages by pests, breakage, etc. But this is not always the case. Almost all the home owners policies in Sri Lanka are peril based policies which provides cover for named or listed perils in the policy such as Fire, Lightning, Natural Disasters and many others as in your policy. However, in Continental Insurance, we have designed our home owners policy to cover every possible damages with a wide range of extensions such as damages to doors, windows by burglars, loss of deeds,plans, docs.

4. Home insurance is a one-time purchase:

Some people believe that once they buy home insurance, they never have to worry about it again. Home insurance policy like all other general insurance policies are annual policies which should be renewed in every 12 months. Also, it's very important to review and update your coverage periodically to ensure it remains adequate and to take into account any changes in your home or circumstances. Continental Insurance offers an extensive insurance policies for affordable rates.

5. Home insurance covers everything:

Many people believe that home insurance covers everything, including all kind of natural disasters, theft, breakages. But this is not always the case. Coverage provided under home owners policy will always limit to the perils listed down in the policy schedule. As an example under the peril of “Natural Disasters” it clearly mentioned what are the events covered. Other than those listed therein and mentioned under “Extensions” / “Additional Clauses” no any other events are covered. Some home insurance policies in Sri Lanka might have a limited coverage for certain types of damage or loss whilst some others have a wider cover than that.

Overall, it can provide a peace of mind and financial protection for you in the event of many unexpected events. By choosing the right policy and regularly reviewing your coverage, we can ensure that you and your property are well protected.

Continental Insurance offers comprehensive coverage and affordable home insurance policies. With a dedicated team of experts and a reputation for outstanding customer service, we are the perfect choice for protecting your home. Talk to our insurance experts to find the best policy to cover your requirements. Reach out to us via our 24-hour hotline on 0115 200 200 or visit any of our branches for more information.