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Group Chairman’s Message

Deshamanya D.H.S. Jayawardena Group Chairman

An idea is never worthwhile unless put to the test on the ground; while vision coupled with ideas are certainly the seeds upon which great dreams evolve. It is when this vision meets reality that the sustainability of such vision and ideas is truly seen. This is amply exampled in the DCSL Group legacy, one which was built on an idea of fulfilling a need and a vision to grow, which now has grown undoubtedly into one of the largest and more diversified blue-chip conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

The genesis of each of the companies within the Group was birthed on a vision; to fulfill a need of the times, where we could contribute productively to the industry while being corporate stewards in our respective fields. Our companies forged their own paths, chartered their courses and ensured that the ultimate vision would always remain aligned to the practicalities of a constantly transforming business milieu. And we remained extremely conscious of always being among the best, if not the best. This meant our platform of growth had to be built on excellence and it is this unrelenting pursuit of excellence that continues to keep us as spearheads, champions and market leaders in everything we do.

Hence, it is this need to do better, to forge our own paths and be pioneers and role models to the industry that saw us launch into the highly competitive field of insurance. But most of all, our ethos was built on being a truly Sri Lankan insurance company that would showcase global standards. The entry of Continental Insurance into the market therefore was designed to change the face of insurance in Sri Lanka, constructed on a vision of being the most technologically advanced, innovative and customer-friendly insurance service provider, not simply in Sri Lanka but in South Asia.
We were intent on becoming the best in the region because the benchmarks we have set for ourselves take us towards lofty goals, high objectives and a culture of constant improvement built on excellence. The fact that we are infusing sophisticated IT initiatives, probably the most advanced seen in South Asia and infusing a unique customer service culture coupled with an unbridled focus on pioneering innovations that would set industry benchmarks, asserts that our vision is grounded in practical fundamentals for long-term sustainability. However, our first steps began in Sri Lanka and the growth paradigms achieved in the period since our inception clearly evidences that we are firmly set on the path of moving into the subcontinent and other parts of the world.

Leveraging on the synergies prevalent in the Group, it is also imperative that we practice a culture of reaching beyond compliance. The corporate governance ethos is one which spans the entire Group, infusing an unequivocal foundation of transparency, accountability, ethics, values and most of all, sincerity of action. With the Group being a recognised corporate steward and Continental Insurance being a company that must emulate the fundamental principles of the Group together with the diktats and mandates imbued in the industry, the unrelenting focus on compliance is an imperative in our working philosophy.

I am honoured to have founded a company that remains true to its fundamentals but focused on sustainable growth and am extremely proud of the achievements of Continental Insurance. While the path remains one of challenge and opportunity, given the capabilities and competencies I observe in the present spearheads holding the reins, I have no doubt that Continental Insurance will meet its vision sooner rather than later.

D.H.S. Jayawardena